Allentown Music 497 Amherst St. Buffalo, NY 14207 carries Harmonicas by Hohner and Lee Oskar.

WE also stock minor key harmonicas!!!

    Hohner Blues Harp ALL KEYS


  Hohner Marine Band ALL KEYS   


  Hohner Special 20 ALL KEYS

  Hohner  Hot Metal ALL KEYS


  Hohner Weekender KEY of C



  Hohner Big River ALL KEYS


  Hohner Blus Harp Pro Pack:  


  Hohner Big River Pro Pack  


Hohner Marine Band Pro Pack:


    Hohner Chrommetta 8 Chrommatic:  


  Hohner HH01 Harp Holder:   


Hohner HH154 Harp Holder:  


  Hohner S32 Melodica


   Lee Oskar Diatonic Harmonicas: $36.99    


Lee Oskar Reed Plates:  


We carry Hohner Hot Metal, Big River, Marine Band, Special 20, and Blues Harps in most major keys in stock! Other Harmonicas / keys may be special ordered.

As well as  Lee Oskar Diatonic Harmonicas in the following Major keys: A / B / C / D / E / F / G / all other models/ keys and replacement reed plates can be special ordered.

We also have Harmonica accessories like harmonica holders, harmonica belts, harmonica books & instructional DVDs.

Give us a call or stop on by! (716) 883-2341
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