Make it one Louder!                        Allentown Music has a wide selection of  used guitar amps, used bass amps, and used keyboard amps from brands like Marshall, Fender, Yamaha, Roland, Line 6, Yorkville, Crate, Peavey, Carvin, and more! Our used amp inventory is always changing, check us out, we might just have what you are looking for!  We also carry new guitar amps, new bass amps, and new keyboard amps by Ampeg, Crate, Hartke, Sundown, RMS, and more, combos,stacks,practice amps,headphone amps



      Micro VR   $599.99


    Micro Stack CL     $349.99 Out of stock


    PF-350     $299.99


      PF-500      $399.99


 PF-800     $599.99



    BA-108     $99.99    Out of stock



 BA-110     $179.99    Out of stock


 BA-112    $279.99    Out of stock


   BA-115    $379.99    Out of stock


 BA-115HP    $479.99    Out of stock



HA2500 $249   

Hartke XL410 $399  

Hartke XL210  $249

Hartke HA3500 $399

      HA5500   $499.99                                    

Hartke Kickback12 $399


Hartke Kickback15 $499



Hartke KM100 $449


Hartke KM200 $549


Hartke VX115 $299



Hartke B200 $149


Hartke B300 $199


Hartke B600 $249


Danelectro Honeytone  $24.99  

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